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Started by Bismillahu786 2016-08-09 at 11:49
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I am PTC worker. As a result i advertise my working site here. Many members apply my jobs without properly working. As a result i wrote a topic about PTSu/Microjobs. Please abort fake submisson-- after some rejection you can't do task.

##Most important rules when complete a Microjob/PTSu##

1. Advertiser want same username if you use deffrent, you will be denied.
2. Advertiser wants click everyday, if you miss you will be denied.
3. Advertiser say you click 4 days, that's means you need click 4 days. After complete your 4 days work you will submit your proof.
4. Advertiser want to be an active worker, that's means after you get reward you will be active future. if you not active future you skip this work.

If any question or query you can send a private message advertiser using site messaging system.

@@Some FAQ about [email protected]@

**What is PTSu?
> PTSu means paid to signup. You are joining another site for working.

**What is proof?
> Proof means your working identification. When you join another site you are using a username. That's your proof( use always same username is better).

**How can i get reward?
> When advertiser review your work and your were did everything correctly you will get your working site main balance.
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Thank you for your information.

Best Regards,
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if i complete a ptsu, and get no pay ... what I have to do?
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Quote: viper316
if i complete a ptsu, and get no pay ... what I have to do?

Send ticket.
Go to your PTSU history copy paste the date, title of the PTSU and the status.
Provide proof like screenshot of your activity.
Make sure you joined with correct advertiser`s referral link.

Staff will check who is the advertiser and will help you to dispute.

Any issue, send ticket for fast response.

Thank you!

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I do everything like the OP said and I am always gets credited for my PTSu tasks.

PS: Always follow instructions as you are directed by the advertiser.
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