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Started by marijoy 2011-06-27 at 12:37
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Here\'s your chance to collect Free direct Active referrals from Twickerz
and This will be YOURS for FREE for a lifetime.

Buy this New Advertising Promo Package and get active downlines for FREE!

Advertising Promo1 plus 1 DR FREE ($5)

1 FREE Direct Active Referral
Paid To Click Credits - 1500
Banner Ad Credits - 30000
Featured Ad Credits - 40000

Advertising Promo2 Plus 1 DR FREE ($5)

1 FREE Direct Active Referral
Paid To Signup Credits - 20 credits
Banner Ad Credits - 30000 credits
Featured Ad Credits - 40000 credits

Advertising Promo3 Plus 3 DR FREE ($10)

3 FREE Direct Active Referral
Paid To Click Credits - 1000
Paid To Signup Credits - 30
Featured Ad Credits - 60000
Banner Ad Credits - 60000

Visit our Store and choose from our \" SPECIAL PACKAGES \" that fits your budget

Send Support ticket after purchasing any of the packages mentioned above
Direct Active Referrals will be added to your account manually within 24 hours.

This is Limited offer while un-referred direct referrals stocks lasts.

Thank you for your support.

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