Month of MAY Point Contest!

Started by marijoy 2020-05-02 at 10:36
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Month of MAY Point Contest . $700 in total prizes!

Check your position here:

How to earn points:

* Earn 15 points for every new Direct referral
Refer and get 15 points. Just be honest in referring and your account will be fine.

* Earn 15 Points for every 1 dollar Deposited! Every dollar counts! Get 15 Points!

* Earn 1 point for every Ad click in our PTC section.
visit TWICKERZ 2 to 3 times a day to check newly uploaded ads.

* Earn Points for every Click on GRID

* Earn 1 point for every PTSU completed.

Contest ends on MAY 31, 2020
Claim your prize by Sending ticket for log purposes.

Keep safe everyone!!

Sincerely. ZigmaNetwork Management
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