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Started by anastasiats 2019-07-02 at 02:31
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I would like to ask what is the point of Bonus ads.
They need too much time to spend in order to see them and it is very discouraging with all those pages that open again again.
I spend about 10 minutes in every ad till i manage to see it!
That means that i ll have to spend about 4 hours to get about 2.5cents while i can take the same amount from the other ads in the site in ten minutes.
So, could you tell me why they are set up this way?
Thank you in advance
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Good for you if you were able to finish one ad. I was not able to finish one ad. There was always a pop-up saying "You did not complete the bonus advertisement!". What can I do about this? I'm willing to surf as long I earn.

Thanks, Admin.

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