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Started by alanchang 2018-05-02 at 06:40
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i am payza investor but now my money all stuck in payza .
and i dont have any money in other payment processor..that mean i cant withdraw because i no money to deposit.
i hope admin will give payza investor a chance to withdraw to other payment processor for the first time so that we can reinvest back money from the new payment processor for the next payout. english not good..hope u understand what i mean.
thank you
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hi alanchang!

Members and all PTC sites has equal problem because of this f*cking Payza issue.
Member`s money is stucked, same with us.

We have the same problem and I feel you.

Please note that services has been provided to all members who used Payza.

We would like to help, but then....
we have responsibility to PM , Bitcoin , Litecoin and new Payeer depositors.
I cannot donate their money to Payza victims.
Payza members and Twickerz are victims.

We need to move forward.
Lets not beg for free money. Lets work for it!

We should make our mouse clicks to earn bitcoins in some faucets,
Let our mouse do the clicking and claiming... and we will not be empty.

I am merciful... but not in this way.
I don`t like to compromise other processor`s money.

On behalf of my team, Thank you for kind understanding.

See ya, Marijoy

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