Help me I have a lot of questions

Started by tknew 2019-05-31 at 18:58
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I have some questions, please help me

I made a deposit of 7 dollars in bitcoin but I still have 150% roi as I do to withdraw this 150% roi, so I can withdraw the payment

another question has to avoid that 150% roi or every time I make a withdrawal I have to deposit?

and another question has how to increase the limit to withdraw money?

please enlighten me
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Quote: tknew

please enlighten me

hi tknew,

Twickerz pay 150% total profit promptly!
If you have reached this, then you need to deposit again,
If you never reach yet, then just withdraw.

Maximum to withdraw is $10 for Free members. minimum is $1.5
Maximum to withdraw depends on your membership.

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See ya!

whoelze, Marijoy

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My rented referrals not clicking send tickets but no answer.

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