Is Renting Referral good option?

Started by 697business 2019-01-28 at 12:39
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Hello guys.
I am a free member in this site.
I ve accomulated some funds and was wondering if renting referrals would be good for me as FREE MEMBER?
Or shall I go for upgrade to next rank before renting referrals.

What do you guys suggest?
As per your experience....
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hi twickerz admin (or) team , please help me sir ...

i have 800 rented referral , but referrals clix is very low , please give me daily active referrals .

this is my honest request sir ...

please solve the problem ....

thanks ...
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1 rr 1 clix = 0.01 , 100 rr = 1 dollar ,

i have 800 rr = 8 dollar , but the most of the RR is not clicking regularly so my daily clix 500 = 5 dollar , 800 rr extent 30 price is 171 dollar ,

income is 150 - 171 = -21 loss...

i want regular active RR , dear twickerz please give me the good RR ....

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