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Started by petics 2018-06-06 at 11:28
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Hello Admin,

I've collected $ 25 and I want to get it.
This text appears in the "withdraw" menu: Only investing members can withdraw!
What do I have to do to get paid?
How many dollars should I invest to get paid?
What should I buy?
Please give me a specific example.
Thank you very much and I hope for your help.
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hello petics,

The best thing to buy here is Direct Referrals.
it is $3 per Direct referrals.
You can spend $9 for a start, That is for a lifetime referrals.
Buy 3 or more. It will increase your earnings too.

I am not advising you to Rent referrals because it stays only for 30 days.
If you do not know how to manage them... you will hate me for sure.
Because, you need to recycle, to extend... until you get bored.
Plus if you will let them expire... you will pay the expiration fee.

Those RR experts should rent.. if u are expert.. then rent..
Build your account, have a one year membership.

Or you can buy Paid to sign up.. if u want referrals to other sites where you are a member.

Or buy Advertising credits... and promote some PTP sites..

It takes money to make more money...

I`m always available for help.

See ya around!!

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Thanks for the reply!

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